Identifying YOUR issues:

When clients have a problem, they are not always sure what to do. Lawyers in general practice are issue spotters, they assist clients with identifying and resolving the many issues that can arise within the situations life brings. With the specialization of so many professions, the legal field too has specialized. Often, you cannot or should not go to one place for all of your medical care, it is the same with legal advice. Much like your internist in the medical field, a lawyer in the general practice of law, is a lawyer who can listen objectively to your situation and issues, whatever that may be and give you advice about how to handle that situation. These issues range from boundary disputes to slander and libel, from marital issues to insurance claims and being sued, how to deal with a difficult teen, elderly parent or partner, from do I need to change my will, to what do I do about my neighbor putting his hot tub in my backyard.

What we do:

A general practitioner will not always handle your issue from beginning to end. There are areas of the law where this Office will not be the best choice to handle a particular matter. We will try to the best of our ability to help you find a quick way to resolve your issue and if we cannot, we help you find the right resources or the appropriate professional to handle the matter for you competently. The objective assistance of a trained professional can save you money and aggravation in the long run. Understanding your options, whatever your situation may be, can help you be a successful decision maker, someone who fully understands the parameters the decision being made. We can help you to reach that goal.

If we agree to meet with you we will:

  • Listen to your facts
  • Help you to outline the issues
  • Work out a plan for solving those issues
  • Either handle those matters ourselves with your guidance or help you find someone who can do so with competence