Getting your closing done from start to finish

Our Office can guide you through every aspect of your real estate and closing transactions, both Commercial closings for your business and Residential for your personal residence. We understand that Real Estate transactions involve enormous financial decisions and stress. It is our goal to understand our client’s needs and the external factors affecting them so that we can appropriately advise them of the issues that may arise and what their options may be. Our goal is to make your transaction as smooth and cost effective as possible. You should understand that once you have signed a contract to purchase a property your options are limited and that your choice of bank is a key to a process that flows smoothly. You may wish to consider consulting with us before you actually sign a contract to purchase to help with that process or before you choose your bank. We are here to help.

Accessibility of our staff and attorneys

Any client we represent in a closing transaction, who is having difficulty with the process will find that when needed, our attorneys are available and accessible to address their concerns. We will walk you through the process from numbers to deadlines to the needed paperwork to ensure that you understand the agreement you are making. For first time homebuyers who have signed a contract to purchase a property, we recommend that our clients meet with one of our Attorneys, before the closing to discuss how the process works and why things happen as they do if the initial consult with our paralegal does not answer all of their questions. This half hour meeting, which is included in the regular attorney’s fee charged, allows the first time buyer/client to get an idea of what to expect from the closing process they are going to experience. We take pride in our commitment to customer service. We strive to keep our clients advised as to the progress of their closing, so that they can plan this important life changing experience.

For commercial closings we will work closely with you to meet the bank’s requirements and help you gather the information needed to get the job done in a timely manner.

Our staff is trained to ensure that these matters close in a timely and professional manner. You will communicate regularly with them regarding issues that arise with your matter. You are an important part of the process and will be kept in the informational loop.

Other Real Estate issues

Owning or leasing Real estate can cause other issues and we can also help you with many of those. Examples of matters we have handled in the past include:

Boundary Disputes
Contract Issues
Easement Issues
Escrow Agreements
Inspection Issues
Landlord/Tenant issues in a purchase or sale
Leases: Commercial and Residential
Marital disputes over jointly held property
Mechanics Liens
New Construction
Quit Claim Deeds/Transfer of Ownership
Return of Deposit
Private Financing/Mortgage Issues
Payoff Disputes
Short Sales
Title Transfer and Title Insurance

Landlord and Tenant

In matters between a landlord and tenant the relationship can often be contentious, especially when each side has taken a strong position. Our goal is early intervention and problem solving so that unnecessary and time consuming lawsuits can be avoided. Of course, we will aggressively represent our clients’ needs if a lawsuit proves necessary. We also advise that a properly drafted lease or rental agreement prepared beforehand, will often address the issues that could arise; avoiding problems at closing. We would be happy to help you draft the language for your leases and rentals.

Contact us as soon as you can, so that we can advise you in the best manner possible. The more notice we have of your upcoming transaction, the quicker we can get to work for you.