What is Probate?

The probate court deals with personal aspects of our lives, from the well known aspects like overseeing the Estates of our loved ones to a wide range of sensitive issues surrounding the elderly or infirm, the intellectually disabled and those with psychiatric disabilities. Our firm can help with these issues.

Wills and Trusts

Everyone who has something to protect needs a Will. Most important are those with small children who need protection in the event of a tragedy. Our firm will help you develop an estate plan and will refer you to competent trust counsel where needed.

Living wills, powers of attorney, transfers of assets and the consequences of the decisions made will be covered in an intense, issue rich discussion with the Attorney to create an Estate plan that is right for your particular situation.

Probating the Estate of your loved one

If you would like assistance with Probating an Estate we can do it all for you, or point you in the correct direction of what to do next and what issues to consider as you go along. Which form do you use next, how do you deal with a particular asset. When can you disburse the assets you have collected? We will help you with each step in turn, to hopefully ease the stress of the process of Probating your loved one’s estate.

Conservatorships and Guardianships

Are they what’s right for your loved one? How do you go about initiating the process while protecting your family member or close friend personally and protecting their assets. What should you consider if your loved one is growing ill or more forgetful by the day. Talk to us before it’s too late.