Injuries in the workplace can be severe and cause long-term injuries and disabilities. It is important for employees to recognize that they have rights and may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits through their employer. At the law office of Cori-Lynn S. Webber, LLC, we are committed to protecting workers’ rights and guiding them through the workers’ compensation system.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation laws can help protect employees who are injured on the job by providing compensation for medical care, rehabilitation, wages and other benefits. Strict rules and stipulations must be followed when applying for workers’ compensation benefits, and we can help you every step of the way.

Our attorneys will explain the workers’ compensation system and what action needs to be taken to make a claim. We have extensive experience helping injured workers with the following:

  • Filing a claim or appealing a denied claim
  • Discussing options after a serious injury that requires surgery or if they have an existing disability
  • Applying for cost-of-living adjustments
  • Options if they can no longer work

Employers and insurance companies often focus on their bottom line and want to get you back to work as soon as possible. Who’s looking out for your best interests? You need a skilled workers’ compensation attorney who will advocate for your rights and be your voice during this difficult time.

Our lawyers understand the complex nature of the workers’ compensation system. We only represent injured employees and will fight aggressively on your behalf against the insurance company.

Board-Certified In Workers’ Compensation

Working with an attorney with extensive experience and knowledge of the workers’ compensation system is one of the best decisions you can make after suffering a workplace injury. Cori-Lynn Webber is a board-certified workers’ compensation specialist in Connecticut and used to work as a workers’ compensation defense attorney. Her unique perspective will help her find the best resolution in your case, and our attorneys will work hard to maximize your benefits.

Contact Us For A Free Intake

Unlike other law firms, we truly get to know your personal situation and offer a free intake to better understand your injuries and how we can help. It is important for us to review your medical records and other information before our first meeting so we can prepare a plan that will help you.

We help injured employees in Hartford, Windsor and the surrounding areas. To see how we can help you get started with the workers’ compensation process, call our law firm at 860-683-1525 or contact us online.